norfolksouthern: It’s #tbt Throwback Thursday…


It’s #tbt Throwback Thursday! It was a busy day at the Bristol #freight station when this photograph was taken in August 1917. Before the turn of the twentieth century, the city had grown as a manufacturing and commercial center, in part because of its location on the Tennessee–Virginia border as the western terminus of the Norfolk and Western Railway and the eastern terminus of the East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia Railway (later part of the Southern). Locally manufactured cloth and furniture, as well as lumber, coal, and other minerals, were shipped from Bristol to points west.

Trains also delivered mail and freight to Bristol. A horse waited while a National Biscuit Company delivery wagon was unloaded (the driver, captured on a glass plate negative with a slow camera exposure, was only a blur). Crates stacked on the dock held the popular Uneeda Biscuit—the company’s first packaged cracker, sold for five cents in an air-tight, sanitary package.

Norfolk Southern has served the freight transportation needs of America for nearly two centuries, connecting businesses and communities to the marketplaces of the world and transporting goods on safe, environmentally friendly rail. NS trains continue to transport a host of products essential to businesses, industries, and households—including the food on grocery store shelves. #movingtheeconomy #history #throwback (at Bristol, Virginia)