Milwaukee Rd wreck 1973 by Mark LLanuza Via…

Milwaukee Rd wreck 1973

Milwaukee Rd wreck 1973 by Mark LLanuza

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On Nov 24th 1973, Tom Lampman was only 23 years old, was a engineer running as a fireman with a westbound scoot on the D&I division was leaving Bartlett IL with a Milwaukee Rd E-9 and two cars in deep fog. His engineer Joe Meurisse was not at the controls was sitting in the fireman’s seat was killed when they hit a three car commuter train that was knocked off the tracks by a truck loaded with tons of gravel.The truck knocked two cars off the tracks of the train and into the path of Lampy’s train westbound train near Naperville Rd in Bartlett .Lampy’s E-9 ripped open the side off one of the derailed cars and killed his engineer friend, Lampy who suffered minor injuries from flying glass stopped the train west of Naperville Rd and had to run to the next railroad phone box near Spaulding tower for help. Back then commuter trains didn’t have railroad radios, only the phone boxes along the right away. All the gates were working but the truck driver was going to fast in the heavy fog and hit the commuter train. Surprisingly the commuter cars were rebuilt along with the E-9. You could always tell which of these cars were in the wreck because the seats were different color.