Before it all Changed by Greg Brown Via Fl…

Before it all Changed

Before it all Changed by Greg Brown

Via Flickr:

Amtrak 750, the Mount Rainier, arrives at Portland on a summer morning. The train originated in Eugene, and is bound for Seattle. An Empire Builder set can be seen parked in the station.

The grassy field in the foreground used to be the Portland Terminal Company’s depot yard. The tracks had been dismantled a few years earlier, making the land ripe for development. Within a few years, the site will be sprouting condominiums instead of weeds.

Change is coming on the railroad, too. An experimental set of Talgo equipment has been operating in the Northwest for a little over a year. When new Talgo sets arrive in late 1998, the longhaul Builder and Coast Starlight will be Portland’s only trains operating with Superliner equipment.

July 1, 1995