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N & W “Columbia Turn” at Centralia, Missouri – 1968 by Steve Brown

Via Flickr:

In May, 1968 I was in the US Army stationed at Fort Monmouth, NJ. I took a four-day weekend pass the first weekend of the month for a quick train trip to Colorado, with a flight from Newark to St. Louis to begin the trip. My ride from St. Louis to Denver was on the City of St. Louis, operated by Norfolk & Western to Kansas City and Union Pacific from Kansas City to the West.

I took this photo during our station stop at Centralia, Missouri, 123 miles west of St. Louis. The adjoining train, colloquially known as the Columbia Turn, was a connecting mixed train service for the 23 mile trip to Columbia, home of the University of Missouri. The colorful fellow in the adjoining Dutch door (almost Santa Claus!) was a Russian and quite a character.

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